A holistic software solution for supply chain automation.


At SSI SCHAEFER, our team understands the complex issues that companies have when it comes to daily warehouse operations.

Since 1937, the Schäfer family has engineered and built more warehouses than any other company worldwide. Understanding our clients’ needs for warehouse management capabilities led to the development of WAMAS®, the only enterprise WMS software with waveless technology to delivery faster throughputs developed by warehouse experts. Now, after decades of successful installations, WAMAS is used by over 50,000 users worldwide and include some of the largest names in retail and brands globally.

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A comprehensive software suite for supply chain excellence.

WAMAS® WMS software enables companies to gain real-time visibility into one or multiple warehouse locations.

Everything you need to ensure warehouse operations are running smoothly, WAMAS offers. From optimizing orders to yard management, WAMAS gives users a clear understanding of key performance indicators and offers an executive view of operations.

In addition, WAMAS integrates seamlessly into ERP systems for fast and efficient order fulfillment and handles both traditional and omni-channel warehouse fulfillment. With flexible capabilities, WAMAS adapts to your warehouse needs and can allow process changes on the fly—without additional costly software development.

real-time visibility into one or multiple warehouse locations


WAMAS, by SSI SCHAEFER, provides both fast and accurate order fulfillment.

WAMAS helps streamline your supply chain by providing an end-to-end logistics process capabilities – including cross-channel planning, scheduling, and management tools. WAMAS incorporates operational processes and provides flexibility for non-everyday occurrences like special promotions, peak volume, or even loyalty perks for customers.

Gain faster throughputs with greater efficiency gains by utilizing WAMAS WMS enterprise warehouse management solution. WAMAS streamlines decision-making processes allowing shorter order cycle times with less labor requirements.

Plus, get easy WMS software integration into existing infrastructures and ERP systems.

WAMAS works with large department stores to small- and mid-size e-commerce retailers and even small- to large-brands and OEM providers. While WAMAS enterprise WMS software already integrates with existing third-party software solutions like SAP, our team of IT experts can simply integrate a custom solution too. The WAMAS team of IT professionals will work with your IT team to integrate existing software infrastructure—including proprietary or legacy systems. SSI SCHAEFER provides an IT specialist to help execute any special integration needs and walks you through the entire process and provide quality assurance throughout integration process.

Software Solutions - WAMAS® Warehouse Control Software for Fulfillment

Order accuracy is a must when serving customers.

Consumer behavior has grown to depend on e-commerce ordering, and accurate order fulfillment is a key component to keeping clients happy. With WAMAS, users can receive goods-in even before the receiving dock. Once items arrive, quality control process tools complete dock administrative functions. WAMAS has pre-defined storage location types based on order history, size, expiration dates, and quantities so inventory storage is fast and accurate. Paired with automation or manual scan data capture technology, accurate order picking is both easy and quick.

YMS Rules Logic


Warehouse operation, no matter the scale, is uniquely defined by type, scale, and environmental factors. SSI SCHAEFER has implemented more warehouse applications than any other software provider in the market. With decades of experience, WAMAS includes a streamlined approach to warehouse management and visibility into operations.


Goods-In / Receiving Dock

WAMAS® signifies speed and quality right from the goods-in stage. During this point, you can start receiving goods while the truck is in route. Once at the dock, WAMAS efficiently utilizes receiving tools to perform quality control and supplier assessment tasks.

  • Dock administration
  • Goods receiving
  • Master data checking
  • Quality control
  • Supplier assessment
  • Repacking
  • Processing of return goods

Transport / Conveying

WAMAS controls and optimizes the entire internal flow of goods. In automated warehouse systems, WAMAS assumes all responsibilities and decision making for a faster throughput.

  • WMS and MFS in a single system
  • Non-stop goods flow
  • Integration of manual transport devices
  • Forklift control system
  • Bin and pallet conveying system
  • Storage and retrieval machines
  • Automated warehouse technology

Manual Storage Process

WAMAS assumes control of all operational processes and guides employees through protocols in an easy to understand manner using a simple user interface in real-time. With additional time savings, associates are able to perform other warehouse duties.

  • Mobile terminals
  • Voice terminals
  • Paperless picking and transport
  • Inventory during running operation
  • Value added services

Automated Storage

WAMAS ensures optimum utilization of storage capacities, taking into account varied influence factors and SKU order history.

  • 3D warehouse model
  • Pre-defined storage location types
  • Configurable storage strategies
  • Client and multi-storage capability
  • SKU slot rotations
  • Replenishment control with or without threshold values

Picking and Goods-Out

WAMAS provides the highest goods throughput combined with the best possible utilization of storage capacities. This principle ensures deliveries are supplied on time.

  • One- and two-stage picking zone bypass
  • Multi-customer picking
  • High performance picking
  • Automated picking systems
  • Kitting and set creation 
  • Cross docking
  • Packing
  • Rule-based cargo creation
  • Quality control throughout the goods out process
  • Guided HGV loading

Control center and information system

WAMAS coordinates complex warehouse processes and combines all the important information in the control center. Efficient warehouse operation is ensured by clear management and continuous control instruments for processes, resources, and inventory.

  • Order planning
  • Resource and capacity planning
  • Control of order processing throughout the process chain
  • Performance analysis statistics
  • Integrated visualization
  • System monitoring
  • Key performance indicators and real-time reporting