Get the most robust WES Warehouse Execution System available.


Warehouse execution systems (WES) continue to evolve.

As a highly dynamic software, it mostly focuses on the material flow within the building. In addition, a WES will achieve higher throughput—a key benefit driver. WAMAS WES works with fully automated fulfillment centers and synchronizes both the labor and equipment utilizing real-time inputs from various trigger points. These trigger points are often requirements needed to perform omni-channel distribution for both brick and mortar and e-commerce fulfillment.

The main goal is to gain greater velocity within a fulfillment operation.

However, a main function is to take various inputs and enable sequencing depending on labor, inventory locations, etc. The WES is modular in that an application can have multiple inputs depending on specific operational processes or a strategic business decision.  

The WES that Powers the Largest Retail Distribution Centers Worldwide

With all the moving pieces and parts that come with running a warehouse distribution operation, depending on a WES for synchronizing storage, sorting, picking, buffering, and shipments is second nature.

With WAMAS WES, take advantage of the world’s leading warehouse execution software system. WAMAS streamlines processes and simplifies daily operational tasks. WAMAS processes millions of orders daily and has decades of experience.

Connect to any ERP system with WAMAS WES, including legacy ERP systems. WAMAS is completely customizable.

With a highly dynamic approach with integration, WAMAS enables distribution fulfillment centers the ability to fulfill orders through e-commerce or brick and mortar operations—even if you have multiple locations. WAMAS also enables waveless fulfillment, which keeps operations running at a consistent throughout an entire shift.

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