Control every aspect of your fulfillment with a robust WCS.

Performance, Control, and Flexibility with One Solution 

Think about all of the moving parts within a fulfillment center. Then, think about how one needs to control each movement in an optimized flow.

WAMAS WCS interfaces with a host solution and enables a variety of equipment and business logic. With the shift in consumer behavior, flexibility is key when it comes to real-time fulfillment processes. Business strategies vary from retailer or manufacturer and a robust WCS needs to accommodate—regardless of business rules.

Continuous flow is needed to maximize throughput and labor efficiency.  This is the cornerstone of WAMAS WCS. Built with decades of experience and use, more retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers choose WAMAS for the ability to handle large SKUs, flexibility, and the ability to scale.  

Error Free Picking with Perfect Control

Regardless of equipment type or vendor, WAMAS WCS provides the perfect material flow. In today’s market, many distribution facilities are needed to cater to next day or same day delivery demands.

Real-time operational data and control of every system is mandatory to meet customer demands. WAMAS WCS acts as the traffic control and gives the direction for all activities within a given warehouse or distribution center.

WAMAS gives those directives and can pair with WAMAS WMS to direct many facilities, which is extremely beneficial when operating across multiple cities, states, or regions. WAMAS is also functional as well. Since WAMAS WCS is customizable, the system can grow with your business as it scales, processes change, or even if equipment if retrofitted.

Control the Entire Automation Process

Performance isn’t an option when error-free optimized throughput is what customers want.

WAMAS WCS is tailored to meet specific needs of distribution processes, and WAMAS powers more distribution and warehouse processes than any other technology provider. Distribution facilities can contain a multitude of equipment and other technologies. Depending on best practices and an experienced team can save valuable time and resources. Choose a technology partner that has decades of experience and a software team of warehouse professionals.

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