Manage Productivity with WAMAS Labor Management Software.

Give employees the best advantage in job performance

WAMAS LRM measures and tracks performance indicators down to a specific work element and at an individual level.

This level of detail enables managers to reward, coach, or provide additional training when needed. Each individual is unique and finding the best-suited position where an individual succeeds is beneficial to an organization and to a team member. In addition, when performance numbers rise, so do profits.

Even the most sophisticated fulfillment center still needs labor and labor shortages are a huge concern at any facility.  Gaining productivity is necessary for any organization to compete in this market. Distribution fulfillment for e-commerce has additional challenges like same day turnaround, special promotions, and peak season volumes to consider. Operations must learn how to manage effectively and optimize their current labor force.

Looking to boost throughput using your best assets?

Take a look to see how much money you’ll be saving and how much throughput you’ll be gaining by optimizing with WAMAS LRM.


For greater transparency and increased performance in the warehouse.

Utilize your best assets in the most efficient manner

Your people are your best assets, and they are often what gives warehouse operations and distribution centers a competitive advantage when it comes to fulfillment.

However, managing labor efficiently is only half of the equation. WAMAS LRM, labor resource management software, enables management to gain insights into how labor is performing. These insights give a holistic approach when understanding how labor interacts with material flows and specific processes. Even the slightest process enhancement can increase ROI and knowing where bottlenecks are occurring is a significant hurdle.

With WAMAS Labor Resource Management (LRM), users receive insights and capabilities into understanding the entire warehouse and fulfillment workforce ecosystem. Knowing how a certain employee handles a specific procedure or knowing when to schedule additional resources for a particular promotion can make the difference between a smooth fulfillment operation and one that is reactive.

Optimize labor even for Black Friday or Cyber Monday Fulfillment

Learn why the largest retailers trust WAMAS when it comes to distribution fulfillment.

WAMAS optimizes your labor force and unlocks the most productive of days—even during peak season and during BOGO promotions. WAMAS schedules resources and provides planning tools that boost productivity by indicating tasks or special assignments to employees who are up for the challenge. Understanding who performs better at specific functions enables labor optimization for specific circumstances. Real-time monitoring ensures procedure adherence, provides processes checks and eliminates bottlenecks. With WAMAS resource planning, gain visibility into workloads, order histories, and downtime and empower your team.

Software Solutions - WAMAS® Warehouse Control Software for Fulfillment


  • Individual user roles
  • Real-time reporting and predictive data analytics
  • Communications tools that provide employees feedback, training documents, performance indicators, and incentive tools
  • Resource planning and scheduling with team building capabilities
  • Continuous improvement and performance planning
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