Understand every aspect of your fulfillment operation across multiple facilities and tenancies in real-time.

Understanding every aspect of your logistics operation is key for customer satisfaction, quality assurance, performance, and managing the bottom line.

Having data in real-time allows key personnel to manage every aspect of an operation. With so many moving pieces and integral parts, it can be difficult to understand which key performance indicators need to reach which individual, or who owns what process. WAMAS® Lighthouse was created to solve these very issues. Users across the globe needed an easy way to understand every aspect of their fulfillment operation in an easy-to-visualize intelligent dashboard

With WAMAS® Lighthouse, SSI SCHAEFER takes the mystery out of your operation processes and brings it front and center delivering the data you need in real-time. Now, it’s easy for team members to find precisely the data they need, keep track of incoming and outgoing orders, as well as multiple facilities or multi-brand tenancies operations—regardless of which third party vendors within your ecosystem.


Delivering the right information in real-time when you need it.


With the unique SCADA, supervisory control and data acquisition, visualization system within WAMAS Lighthouse, it’s easy to keep a constant eye on your intralogistics system. The visualization system provides all aspects regarding each process and technical mechanics within your ecosystem all in real-time.

Visualization is based on a topological view of the entire system.

However, WAMAS Lighthouse optimally adapts information in an easy-to-read / view format by using its continuous zoom function. This function allows users to drill down into each component level while WAMAS Lighthouse gathers more metadata so that the user understands each function and process in real-time. As the zoom level increases, more and more details emerge.

Key features include:

  • Visualization of all conveying, warehouse, and picking technologies
  • Immediate notification of system faults
  • Error statistics and event logs
  • Component availability
  • Detailed views and overviews

Keep Everyone Informed by Using WAMAS Lighthouse – the Single Solution for Real-Time Intelligent Dashboards


WAMAS Lighthouse gathers relevant key performance indicators within the material flow system and order processing. That data is then linked as appropriate and available to specific user profiles. Easy to read displays within customizable dashboards allow users fast and quick access to system updates, performance data, and operational status. Plus, users can incorporate historical data for easy benchmarking and peak volume performance indicators.

Examples of key performance indicators:

  • Storage ratio
  • Material flow performance
  • Degree of order completion
  • Picking performance
  • Historical volume data


WAMAS Lighthouse is an open system that combines data from all various IT software solutions and control systems within an intralogistics installation.

Using secure interface technology solutions, the WAMAS Lighthouse platform allows for easy integration of all elements within the automation level to the ERP system—giving you a connected holistic view within just one system.

Key advantages:

  • Complete integration of control and management systems from SSI SCHAFER
  • Standardized and open interfaces for third-party systems
  • Supports state-of-the-art interfaces such as OPC UA,
    WebServices and WebSockets


Understanding how your material flows is just as important as knowing when.

The abstract presentation within the entire ecosystem provides a clear view of the material flow and possible imperfection that may occur.  This creates an information hub that helps you make the right decisions to exploit the full potential performance of your intralogistics system.

Key features:

  • Real-time display of material flow indicators
  • Organization in multiple levels of abstraction and general summation of material flows
  • Detailed information with just one click
  • Easy integration allows updates via text or email notifications
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