Technology for omnichannel and e-commerce fulfillment.

Managing distribution for retail is a challenge.

Inventory that updates with the latest trends and receiving new products daily means adding SKUs and optimizing placement daily. Working with seasonal inventory may mean that yesterday’s top performers aren’t so hot today.

Add the fact that most distribution centers are now also having to support omni-channel selling. Retail and wholesale distribution also pose unique issues for labor management software.

Holiday peak seasons can hinder normal operations but making certain that you have the right warehouse management software (WMS) in place is key when needing to overcome these challenges.

Customers are ordering 24/7 though e-commerce sites and mobile applications.


Many customers are keeping up with popular trends, purchasing familiar brands, and taking advantage of the latest sales and promotions. Whatever selling strategy your omni-channel or e-commerce operation has implemented, having a WMS system like WAMAS® by SSI SCHAEFER allows you to manage everything in real-time. Order optimization based on historical data or loyal customers is just one of several key benefits. Many retailers want to offer same day shipping, or in-store pickup based on the nearest warehouse location for delivery.

WAMAS efficiently manages your inventory based on shipping rules, preferences, and processes.

With WAMAS optimization, you can take advantage of advanced picking procedures to ensure innovations like waveless picking. Ensuring a steady flow of picking without peaks and lulls, waveless picking means labor is consistent throughout each shift with the utmost throughput. WAMAS also handles just-in-time orders, next or same day delivery orders, and even priorities from your most loyal customers.

Reacting faster to retail demands allows your organization to stay competitive.

WAMAS can help you manage every aspect of your supply chain and send key alerts to executive members wanting to stay up-to-date. Key insights and analytical data can be shared across multiple stakeholders within the organization. The bottom line is that WAMAS gives retailers and wholesalers the ability to scale-up operations when needed.

According to Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, warehouse labor wages grew 2.8 percent and unemployment in the warehouse section is at a 10-year low.

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