The perfect technology pairing.

Take command of your food & beverage supply chain with WAMAS by SSI SCHAEFER.

WAMAS WMS (warehouse management system) provides accurate inventory and tracking data throughout the entire food & beverage supply chain process.

Food and beverage manufacturing and distribution have unique challenges for both manual and fully automated distribution centers. WAMAS goes beyond normal warehouse management software solutions by offering a multi-channel distribution solution that provides e-commerce capabilities, accurate inventory tracking, and quick replenishment.

E-commerce has changed the industry as well as relationships with the end-user consumer, so having a WMS application that handles omni-channel distribution is a necessity.

Whether you’re in the restaurant supply chain or consumer packaged goods (CPG) without a strong direct to consumer (D2C) market, the need to prepare for future capabilities makes sense.

According to a study by McKinsey & Company, food and beverage e-commerce sales are expected to reach 10 to 30 percent of total sales growth within the next five years. Retail channels will only account for 37 percent by 2025—down from 46 percent today. While this is standard practice among specialty food and beverage manufacturers, some CPGs, food warehouse 3PL companies, and restaurants are still laying the groundwork for this new selling channel.

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There are other challenges, of course, for food and beverage manufacturers.

Cold storage, multiple facilities, lot tracking, special SKUs for various retailers, and date marks can all require special processes. Your WMS supply chain software needs to handle exceptions and WAMAS allows you to easily change your rule processes without the need for special software development. Inventory visibility throughout the entire supply chain is at your fingertips. WAMAS allows you to manage everything from one warehouse WMS solution—helping you lower operation costs while processing orders for fast and accurate delivery.