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Tailor Made Solutions with WAMAS warehouse management software.

There are many challenges to working within the industry of fashion and apparel — warehousing being one of them.

As one of the most competitive industries worldwide, understanding the challenges and complexities that fashion retailers face takes experience. SSI SCHAEFER brings that experience to your apparel supply chain. SSI SCHAEFER is recognized globally for powering some of the world’s largest fashion e-commerce and omni-channel retail operations with WAMAS supply chain software.

Regardless of size or selling channel, WAMAS warehouse management software by SSI SCHAEFER can help you compete in an ever-changing industry.

According to Statista, the U.S. fashion revenue for 2021 is on a trajectory to reach $96.1 billion, and apparel continues to be the most popular category for e-commerce retailing. Globally, apparel retailers make up 17 percent of the total sales online. As business continues to climb, omni-channel retailers are repeatedly turning to fashion e-commerce to retain and grow their customer base.

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Why WAMAS as your WMS software?

With a history of tailoring custom apparel warehousing solutions as a single source provider, SSI SCHAEFER saw opportunity in providing warehouse management software that could work with current e-commerce and omni-channel retail supply chain software. This is why we created WAMAS. As a complete WMS software solution that offers full customization and ERP integration, WAMAS is more than a fashionable accessory — it’s an essential part of your distribution plan.